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It is very busy at the exhibition this year. We had a lot of stand visitors, not only from the Southern regions, but also from different parts of Russia: for example, we had meetings with partners from Novosibirsk.

Alexander Mamakin, Commercial Director
Korner Company

We presented our new products of the premium series and received the most positive feedback from visitors about the quality. At the moment, we already received about 300 new contacts. One of the bright exhibiting results was an agreement to supply products to one of wholesale buyers from Makhachkala.

Natalia Yakovleva, Head of Sales Department
MEBIUSROTANG Furniture Factory
We gathered 300 contacts of new potential customers and met over 50 regular customers at the exhibition. There were successful sales right at the stand. We had negotiations with a large Moscow salon and sold 3 exhibition samples from the stand, at the stage of signing contract. I would like to note the good exhibition organisation, the number of visitors, and the overall positive impression at UMIDS."

Armen Avakyan, Commercial Director
Veles Mattress Factory
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The woodworking equipment presented at the stand has already been sold. But the most important result is the promotion of our equipment among specialists. We can see that exhibition visitors are very active. We have 8-10 sales managers working simultaneously at the stand, and each meeting is a new contact.

Oleg Ignatenko, Head of SAVINSNAME Company
We laid the groundwork for the next year, and now we understand what we need to do next. We already received a potential order for furniture supply from one of the Armenian trading companies. We had also many meetings with visitors from such regions as Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and other regions of Russia.

Alexander Baranov, Marketing Specialist
Progress Furniture Factory (Belarus)
I would like to note very large visitor traffic at the exhibition. I see that people want more live communication. For the moment I can't say anything about the received contacts, but I can say that we are completely satisfied with the meetings held at the exhibition. I hope, this exhibition will give us new opportunities for development of Verso brand and will bring us new reliable partners.

Elvira Eflaeva, Marketing Specialist
Ecopol TM Verso Company
We sold all our furniture presented at the exhibition. We accepted a lot of applications from both old and new customers and signed at least 15 new contracts for furniture supply. I would also like to say that thanks to the exhibition we resumed cooperation with at least 50 old customers and gathered over 450 promising contacts.

Andrey Sorotin, Department Head
We received a lot of contacts at the exhibition, and these were visitors not only from the Southern region, but also from Siberia, the Far East, and the Central Federal District, so the exhibition turned out to be all-Russian. We were happy to exhibit, and we will definitely exhibit again.

Natalia Surkova, General Director
Total M Company
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